Awards and Honors

2019 Rookie of the Year. 

The criteria is a REALTOR® who has been in the business for less than 18 months and is based on production, association participation, congeniality and professional development related classes.  The candidate must also be nominated by the Designated REALTOR® of their office.  This year’s recipient has been practicing real estate for a very short time and during this time period, they have exceeded the normal limitations of people getting in the business selling over 4 million.  In addition to their great sales record, they have dedicated extra time to professional development and participates in Association functions.  This person already understands the importance of RPAC and has shown this by donating not only money but baskets to help raise money for RPAC. 


Kristin Davis of Berkshire Hathaway Hudkins

Humanitarian award.

This award recognizes a REALTOR® that makes outstanding and dedicated contributions to the betterment of our community.  The candidate is nominated by a fellow REALTOR® who recognizes the time and commitment this individual has demonstrated over the past year.  This year’s recipient contributes many hours of their time and money to a variety of worthy charitable causes.  They have served on and chaired the Community Outreach Committee for many years and participates with ALZ Walk to End Alzheimer’s, National Kidney Foundation, Forgotten Harvest, Mimi’s Mission and Backpacks for Veterans just to name a few.  While volunteering much of their time to the community, this person was still able to have a record year for sales.  Congratulations to this year’s Humanitarian award recipient     


Deanna Coleman of Real Estate One, Southgate


REALTOR® of the Year

The criteria for this award require participation in the Association at the local, state and national levels as well as community service involvement.  The 2019 REALTOR® of the Year has been instrumental in the continued success of the merger between both Associations and continues to be very active in the Association.  They have served as past president, treasurer and several committees.  They are also an RPAC major investor, previous REALTOR® Active in Politics award recipient and is the current broker/manager of their office.

Tom Long with Real Estate One, Southgate

2019 Years of Service Awards

5 Years

Joseph Albring          Sarah Albring           Steve Arquitt                Hussein Bazzy
Michael Boyer           Jenny Church           Luanne Clark                Sarhad Dado      
Laura Davis               James Duffy             Valencia Gullet-Neal    Chris Hernandez
Lisa Hurley                Linda Kunitz             Lauri Labeau-Hines     Christopher Marino      
Rebecca McGhee      Patty McKee             Laura McLeod             Calvin Meyer     
Stephanie Moore      Shelly Noto              Kelly Orr                      Kellie Picciuto     
Amy Raupp               Jamie Revoir            Patricia Riddell             Lora Rolland
Russell Seely             Amanda Sharp         Mary Skwiera               Barbara Smith     
Jeremy Spitulski        Jeffery Tooley

10 Years

Daniel Chambers     Robin Heath              Irene Hixson              Julie Jewell    
Betty Main               Lisa Moore                Cynthia Moreno        Karen Payne    
Emanuela Rroko      Michelle Saward        Lisa Schubargo          Gennalda Smith    
Tara Standifer          Valerie Zimmerman

15 Years

Theresa Barton              Darcy Bica                   Kirsten Brockmiller       Frank Furnari    
Joann Heller                  Patricia Henry              Joell Hildebrand           Renee Kaiser    
Kimberly LeFranc           Robin Lehmann          Mark Lizyness               Doreen Lochner     
Arthur MacNee             Janice Murphy             Tonya Nagle                 Carolena Reed      
Joyce Reedy                 Annette Sconochia       Mary Stockert               Patricia Straub    
Raymond Williamson

20 Years

Mechelle Berry-Belman        Jamie Breier     
Cheryl Condron                   Terri Hamad    
Gayle Madera                      Melissa Sneed     
Tani Solomon                      Marlene Woodruff

25 Years

Mary Jo DeJulian                 Savina Deluca     
Emanuel Evola                    Jack Giarmo     
Rene Louis                          William Mominee     
Shawn Nelson                     Daryl Smith

30 Years

Maria Chirco    
David Foster    
Freelin McClanahan

35 Years

Caroline Cartwright           Jay Frandsen    
Julie Gerweck-Dazel          Betty Hall     
Janice Monica                   Sandra Peer

40 Years

Leo Boylan                      Jeffrey Daniel    
Debbis Goss                    Kenneth Lieber      
Joan Wanat

45 Years

Alan Haynes     
Doris LaBeau